Can the US Really Afford Health Coverage For All?

The Register as of late detailed that Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield has been blamed for damaging government HIPAA security directions on account of a patient with serious hemophilia. A delegate of Wellmark was examining the high cost of medical coverage at a Rotary Club meeting last March. She gave a case of an extraordinary case that was costing $1 million every month. She didn’t distinguish the patient by name, yet portrayed him as a 17-year-old male with hemophilia. Perhaps she ought not have said the age or sex of the patient, however that data alone did not uncover who the particular patient was, and ought not be viewed as an infringement of government security directions.

Wellmark and other insurance agencies must have the capacity to refer to particular high cost cases that are causing medical coverage premiums to ascend to unreasonably expensive levels. In what manner would we be able to straightforwardly wrangle about approaches to contain medicinal services costs in the event that we don’t know what is causing them? Would we be able to truly stand to require insurance agencies to pay out boundless sums for any patient? Regardless of the possibility that it makes premiums exorbitant? I as of late heard that the final organization to offer individual medical coverage approaches in Iowa may charge more than $30,000 every year one year from now for a couple who are 55 years of age. Human services needs are boundless. Our capacity to pay is most certainly not. We have to talk about regardless of whether government ought to disallow medical coverage approaches from having limits on the amount they pay out for singular patients.