4 Steps to a Budget Friendly Halloween

Before you buy anything this year for Halloween, read this 4 Steps to a Budget Friendly Halloween guide first.

Halloween is a great time for families and friends to bond over costumes, parties and candy. It’s the one night of the year to pretend to be someone else. But since you’re probably not going to wake up the next morning with someone else’s bank account, we’ve got you covered with some cost-cutting advice. Here are our tips for a fun-filled, budget-friendly Halloween.

4 Steps to a Budget Friendly Halloween

Costumes: If there’s a main point to Halloween, it’s probably the costumes. Whether you’ve put a year of thought into your costume or deciding on it the day of, elaborate costumes don’t have to break the bank. Consider a do-it-yourself approach to this year’s costumes by scouting ideas from Pinterest. Or, if you’re a bit strapped for time (since Halloween is tomorrow), try a local thrift or consignment store for inexpensive used clothing.

Decorations: You definitely don’t need to spend too much money on decorations for your house this Halloween. A lot of homes place a pumpkin on their stoop and call it a day. That could be you! If, on the other hand, you want to take it up a notch, look into D-I-Y decorations. Here are some great ideas, courtesy of the DIYnetwork.

Activities: The great part about Halloween is that budget-friendliness is built into the holiday. Trick-or-treating is free and ensures you come home richer than you were when you left—at least as far as candy-wealth is concerned. But, if trick-or-treating isn’t your scene (or you’re over the age of 13), there are plenty of other entertaining ways to spend the holiday. Check on your community’s activity calendar for free or cheap events happening in your town. Many times, cities will host movies in the parks or other Halloween festivals, hay rides, and costume contests on or before the 31st.

Treats: Whether you’re throwing a party yourself or opening doors for trick-or-treaters, you’ll be thinking about candy and desserts. For the kids, candy is the main event of Halloween, which is why occasionally you’ll have a seventeen year old wearing a mask as his only costume dropping by your home expecting his share. Just accept this bizarre teenage behavior and combat it by throwing some cheap candy their way. For this, head to The Dollar Store, Target or Costco. If you’re throwing a party, encourage a potluck, which will be a fun (and inexpensive) way for your partygoers to get involved while you share at least some of the work.

Unlike many of the gift giving holidays, it’s relatively easy to keep a low budget on Halloween. It’s a holiday that encourages widespread participation and community involvement. So have fun, be safe, and make good uses of your resources!

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