Free 529 Plans to help your kids enjoy a loan-free education.

Student loan debt is the biggest challenge new graduates face when entering the real world. Three simple steps to help your child obtain a debt-free education.

  1. Discover how much will be needed to fund your child's education
  2. Open the account and elect a funding option
  3. Let us professionally manage your 529 - all for free

Remember it's never too late to start!

Open a free 529 plan account today and start investing in your child's future.


Getting To Your Goal

The first step in any financial goal setting is figuring out how much you are going to need, and how long you have to get there! By asking you a few questions, we will help you estimate your inflation adjusted tuition costs and customize a plan that fits your child’s dreams and your budget.

Funding for success

The next step in the process is to figure out what the best funding solution will be to help you achieve your child’s education goal. We have three options:

Paycheck Direct Deposit – Probably the easiest option. If your employer provides you with direct deposit then we will be able to provide you with a routing and account number for you to easily take a portion of your paycheck and transfer it to your child’s 529 plan.

Automatic or one-time withdrawals from a bank account (ACH) – If your employer does not offer direct deposit or if it is easier for you to transfer the funds from your bank account, we can set up an automatic or one-time ACH withdrawal from any U.S. bank.

Mail Check – If mailing a check is the most comfortable form of contribution for you, then you can easily mail in a check to our custodian TD Ameritrade as a way to fund your child’s 529 plan.

We monitor and help grow

As a way to give back to our youth we offer professional management for free on all of our 529 plan accounts. Education is important to us and we want to do our part to help all children achieve their educational dreams.

With You To The End

As your child gets closer to starting his or her higher education program, we will adjust the investments in the portfolio to become more conservative to help protect the capital needed to fund your child's education. Once the program begins, we will handle the required disbursement and make payments directly to your child’s educational program.


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