Full Circle 360 Platform
The New Approach to Wealth Management

Who We Are

FC360 is a full service financial advisory firm offering clients a comprehensive resource for all their financial needs. Our services include investment management, financial planning, tax preparation and planning, estate planning, insurance planning, real estate transaction costs, and much more.

Unlike typical advisors and broker firms that focus on selling commission based products and services, we customize our approach to fit our clients’ specific needs. We review our clients’ current situations and recommend a plan of action that will help guide them toward their desired financial goals and objectives.

Traditionally, managing your finances means keeping everything separate: a CPA in one office and a financial advisor at a different company. This is a time consuming and often confusing way of supervising each aspect of your financial future. That’s why at FC360, we offer a full circle, 360° experience. Here, all of your financial professionals from your wealth manager, CPA, health benefits consultants and insurance consultants are working together for you under one roof.

Our vision allows our clients to partner with our firm to proactively manage their investment accounts; plan, prepare and file their individual income tax returns; create and update their estate plans (such as living trusts and wills); and assist with real estate transaction costs. In addition, we offer many other financial benefits that are specifically tailored to each of our clients and their unique situations.

To ensure no investor is turned away from receiving professional investment advice, we also created a solution for those looking to invest in a low-cost indexing investment plan, using commission-free Exchange Traded Funds. This service is geared towards wealth accumulators (investors with plenty of time until retirement) seeking a low-cost alternative to help them grow their investments. We’ve eliminated the excessive advisory fees and other hidden costs that are customarily charged by our competitors so that our clients can reach their financial goals faster.

Working with FC360 allows our clients the opportunity to discuss their unique situation, questions, goals, dreams, fears and wishes with experienced financial professionals, without having to worry about being pressured into an unsuitable investment. The sale of commission based products is the financial industry’s largest conflict of interest and has no place at our firm. At FC360, our clients and their financial well-being are our highest priority. That’s why our services are always transparent, with no commissions, no fee stacking, and no hidden fees.

Our Custodian

While working with FC360, your investments will be held by one of the most trusted investment firms in America today, TD Ameritrade. With over 40 years of experience and $600 billion in custodial assets, we felt TD Ameritrade would provide our clients the premium protection and service they deserve.